A Big Pile of Rocks

I have a bunch of rocks in my yard that I need to do something with.  It's my own fault - I asked for them, when we had a stone wall built in the front to keep the yard from falling onto the sidewalk.  I asked for all the rocks that were doing an ineffective job of keeping the yard in place once they were removed to make way for the proper wall.  And so there they are, scattered about on the dirt which needs covering with mulch after the rocks are moved.

I have ideas - grand ideas.  But they involve hauling rocks and digging and shoveling and even before that, raking and designing.  We have the perfect weather in which to do this kind of work - warm, not too sunny and hot, no bugs out yet, pollen not bad.  And hauling rocks and digging is always therapeutic.

But the work will be hard.

So I'm in a fence-sitting place.  I can imagine the good result but I can see the current disarray.  And I have been around the block before, meaning that I know my plans will not take into account unforeseen but inevitable glitches/problems and that it will all take much longer and be more complicated than I think.

Unless it turns out to be a piece of cake.

Do you recognize this activity?  It's called "dithering."  Which reminds me of English novels.  Which reminds me that I just started "Damsel in Distress," one of those delightful comedies by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse.....

I'll go get my rake.


Penny, funnily enough we have a pile of rocks too. We had part of the wall of our stone cottage pulled out to put a window in.
Previous rocks made a lovely rock garden. I don't know how alpines would do in Atlanta, but herbs should do very well. Put poor quality soul over your rocks, and some herbs, and voila, a rock garden. Well, the beginnings of one!!
I have hopes of using them to expand work I did back in 1999 - I moved about ten or so this afternoon after raking to discover where I'd left off... Rain tonight, which will probably uncover more!