Cuteness Everywhere

Although I don't really enjoy running errands on Saturdays when everyone seems to be out on the streets both in their cars and on foot, and it takes twice or three times as long to do anything, it was such a beautiful day outside today, and I've spent a lot of time in front of a book or a screen lately, I decided to go ahead and do those errands this afternoon instead of looking at more pictures from and reading more tweets about Bahrain and Libya.

First stop was the pet store to buy bunny food.  Turns out that today was a pet adoption day.  We already have two pets, each of which is a rescue animal who doesn't really get along with other animals, and so going to the store on pet adoption days requires me to run the gauntlet just to get inside.  So many cute puppies and kittens, needing homes.  My heart melts, but I try to focus on the people who are there truly in search of a pet to take home.  It helps if there are cute couples or cute children among the cute animals, and today, thank goodness, there was an abundance of cute at the store.  Happy kids, happy couples, happy pups with tongues hanging out this warm day, except for the ones piled upon each other, asleep (but still cute, of course).  Inside the store, there were dogs everywhere, too, several of which were getting warm-weather haircuts.  I thought of Kitty and Bunny at home, happy the way things are with no sloppy dogs or other scary animals around (which for them means any animals, even each other), and succeeded in getting out of there with only the bunny food in my bag.

Next I went to the grocery store.  There were lots of people there, not a lot of cute ones if truth be told, but people pushing carts and leaving carts in aisles and generally not looking all that happy about grocery shopping, but I was able to get my provisions and check out in a reasonable amount of time.  As I wheeled my cart over to my car to load the groceries in the trunk, a little boy and his mother walked by, having just left their cart-with-a-car-for-the-kids-to-"drive" in the cart return.  Seeing my yellow Beetle, he squealed, "Mommy!  There's a Bee Car!"  I loved it - a Bee Car!  What a nice change from the kids who punch each other in the arm when they see me come by.

As I got into my (Bee) car, I saw, parked in front of me, the thing I may have to give up coveting for Lent - a red convertible Smart Car.  Oh, it was so cute, and the top was down, and yes I realize that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.  My car is way cuter, really, anyway, because now I know that it is a Bee Car.

In the midst of revolution, there is cuteness.  Thanks be to God.


Ray Barnes said…
With you all the way. Long live cute I say. Whatever form it takes.
One needs an eye to see it. I've added you to my blogroll, Panny, so I can keep an eye on you!
Thanks, Anita! I am keeping up with you as well. I am jealous that you are in Rome sightseeing. What wonderful pictures I could take there!