Lenten Roses

Hellebores, also called Lenten Roses, are not roses.  And they don't always bloom only during Lent.  Mine start blooming in February and usually go into May.  Lent only seems like it's that long.  But here is a glamour shot of my Lenten Roses, whose blooms have opened during this warm week.

It is said that the cultivation of hellebores signifies that one is a mature gardener.  Certainly I tried a number of other plants in the place where my hellebores now grow profusely - I tried and failed at at least four or five other ideas in this spot under a crepe myrtle tree on a slope.  Finally, without expecting much, I bought three Lenten Rose plants and within three or four years, they spread all the way down the slope and are in danger of taking over places I don't want them to be.  The blooming season is exceptionally long.  They are wonderful plants; I'm happy that I matured enough as a gardener to finally come around to them.

During this beautiful warm spell we've been having, it's hard to remember that Lent is coming.  I have done nothing to prepare for Lent.  But my lovely hellebores remember, and, unlike me, they are ready.


Ray Barnes said…
Lovely pictures Penny. My hellebores are aslo in bloom, mostly in shady places, but a few out in the open. Some I bought from RHS Wisley 6 years ago have hybridised and produced all kinds of variations from dark purple to pink and white doubles.
They are lovely and if that means I'm mature too then perhaps I'll give in gracefully.
About time did I hear someone mutter?
Yes, mine are becoming mixed as well - many white, some pink, some deep purple, some with freckles and some without. Since I have been a late bloomer in many aspects of my life, I'm happy to be a mature something at last!