Even More Cuteness

Today I went to three church services, a jazz piano summit, and had a glass of sweet tea with my lunch.  What a great day!

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday, the cutest thing I saw today was at the baptism this morning, at the end of which all the children were paraded through the nave and chapel while we all sang "We Receive You Into the Household of God."  One little girl, well aware of the fact that everyone was looking at her, began to wave at the crowd as she passed.  She was just at the age when babies begin waving.  I saw her as she came through the chancel, waving away, and many began to wave back to her.  Smiles and outright holy laughter rippled through those assembled to witness the baptism, i.e., all of us in the church, as she came to "stand" (in the arms of her daddy) in front of the church to receive our applause.  What joy!


How cute. Babies are so adorable because they are just purely themselves, and so bring out the baby in all of us!