Yellow boat on emerald water

We're having one of those warm, sunny spells we sometimes have after mid-winter.  Abundant sunshine, high blue sky, no humidity and the mosquitoes are not out yet.  Daffodils are poking up green shoots; the lenten roses sport fat purple buds.  Spring is not here yet - we'll have more cold weather before long - but it is a beautiful day.  A day to both love for itself and also for the reminder that warmer, more colorful days are coming again.

This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!


I lived in Williamsburg, Virginia for 12 years and we had glorious springs. I can just image the spring in Atlanta!
a wnderful picture! A potentially wondrful desktop...
Anita, it is still mostly brown here but the signs are everywhere that in only a few weeks Spring will spring forth.

Thanks, Bishop Alan. I took this photo last summer. It would make a good desktop photo - I think I'll try it!