Friday Fountain Break

This is a new fountain in the recently renovated Ellis Square in Savannah, Georgia.  It's one of those fountains (like the one here in Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park) in which the jets come up from the ground according to some plan (i.e., in intervals which are probably programmed)
instead of water recirculating from an above-ground pool,
and little kids (and big kids) like to run around in the area and play among the jets,
which they can do without wading into a pool that also probably serves as a barrier
to keep people away from the jets.  In this scenario, all the equipment
is below ground, out of sight and away from feet.  
They are endlessly surprised (and yet all the while they are waiting for what they know is coming)
when a quiet spot suddenly erupts in a quick spurt of water.

Given that the local forecast is for steady rain all day here today, this fountain gives us an opportunity to turn things upside down
and have the dancing rain coming up from down instead of falling down from up.

Happy Friday!


Ray Barnes said…
I love the inverted rain image "down from up". Sounds like my world most days.
A local favorite song here is A Rainy Night in Georgia. One line is "it seems like it's rainin' all over the world." But I see you are having wind. Which brings to mind another song - Oh the Wind and Rain.
Take care.