Friday Fountain Break

There are a number of fountains in Savannah, where I am today, but since I didn't remember to bring my camera-to-computer cable with me, the photos of those fountains remain on my camera for now.   Fountain photo fodder for other Fridays.

This is a fountain in Roanoke, Virginia, taken last summer on a hot, sunny day.  The whole fountain is a long rectangle filled with arcing jets of water at the end of a long, rectangular city pedestrian park that runs like an alley between two streets.  A parking garage is across the street on one side and a firehouse on the other.

Refreshing, cool water dancing upwards always draws the eyes and mesmerizes.  Of course, it provides a damper for street noises, too; in cities everywhere people like to sit beside the waters and let the splash or trickle or gush surround them and block out the other, less attractive or less restful sounds.  Even the tiniest green spots may feature a fountain around which people gather for a moment of peace.