Wednesday afternoon glamour shot

On the run today and no time to write.  So here is an exquisite rose photo from warmer days.  This is Ducher, a white china rose, and it is the nautilus of roses, if you will.  It also smells divine and sort of glows at night the way fragrant white flowers do on summer evenings.  Thank you God for roses.


And thank you God for friends who post photos of gorgeous flowers in January.
Ray Barnes said…
Beautiful, and if it really does have a perfume something of a rarity. I'm a life-member of the Royal National Rose Society and know of only one or two white perfumed roses. It may not be available here. Lucky you!
White chinas are a rarity as well - these blossoms are only about 2 inches across and as you can see from the photo rather tightly wound as they begin to unfold. The scent is best appreciated at dusk, as is often the case for old garden roses. I think it is not available in the UK. As a white China rose, it's a rarity as well. It loves heat.