Morning Prayer: Traveling/Going to College

My firstborn and his father are headed up the East Coast on a 1200 mile (one way) trip to take my son back to college, from which he has been away on leave for a year.  There's a snowstorm in the forecast and maybe just a little anxiety on everyone's parts that all will go well in the short run as well as the long.

Here is a prayer from the Changes:  Prayers and Services Honoring Rites of Passage for today.

Gracious God, your Holy Spirit instructs our hearts in the ways of life.  In going to college, your child B has set aside a time of learning and preparation for his life's work.  Through all the years ahead, make him hungry for wisdom tempered with love.  Help him discern the truth in all that he learns, in the people he meets, and in the choices he must face each day.  Keep his mind alert for the rigors of study and exams.  Keep his body safe and well.  Give him a heart bold to question, yet alive to your wonders.  And assure him always of your love and ours; through Christ, your Wisdom made flesh.  Amen.

(Changes, 22)


Lerewayah said…
Prayers for their safe travel going out now, Penny.

--Gretchen Chateau